Safer Culture, Better Care

The South West Patient Safety Collaborative is helping healthcare teams to assess, improve and build on good practice in relation to safety culture.

This includes the assessment of safety culture using a safety culture assessment tool in the form of a survey called SCORE (safety, communication, operational risk, resilience and reliability, and engagement).

Thousands of staff have already taken part in the programme, leading to excellent results and new ways of working.

“Safety Culture assessment has given us a valuable way of delving down into a deeper layer of understanding and insight into how we work together and adjusted our view enough to protect us from ourselves and to continue to develop, grow and thrive but in a more healthy and sustainable way!”
Tina Campbell, Associate Director, Mental Health Trust

Find out how SCORE helped this Devon Partnership Trust.

View our Safety Culture, Better Care poster, which was presented at The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in May 2018.

Benefits of participating:

  • A better understanding of your local team culture
  • Opportunities to identify learning and improvement
  • Identify opportunities to improve communication
  • Identify opportunities to improve teamwork
  • Improved engagement with staff
  • Running the survey twice to assess changes

Support available:

  • Resources to promote the survey
  • Survey launched and responses monitored externally
  • Updates on response rates
  • Debriefing for team managers
  • Access to and the opportunity to join a debriefing community
  • Advice on improving safety culture
How to apply: if you want to discuss being part of the programme please contact the South West Patient Safety Collaborative by emailing

The SW AHSN's 'Safer Culture, Better Care - the SCORE assessment tool' case study is now available to read on the AHSN Network's Atlas of Solutions. Atlas is an online resource that shares some of the very best examples, from across the Academic Health Science Networks, of how to spread high impact innovation across the health and care system.

We have worked with healthcare colleagues and partners across the region to develop a number of blogs relating to Safety Culture and SCORE. Click on the links below to read them: